Weekly Class Schedule


Tuesday's 6:30pm - The Courtyard, Tagbilaran City

Led Ashtanga Modified Primary Series

    ⁃    A class that connects breathing to movement based on the traditional Ashtanga Primary Series. Poses are broken down so as to enable anyone who finds the more energetic Ashtanga difficult. This is a wonderfully accessible class to learn proper alignment & postures safely as you slowly build strenght & flexibility.

Thursday's 6:30pm - The Courtyard, Tagbilaran City


    ⁃    Vinyasa (YinYasa) is an evolved version of yin (passive yoga) & yang (active yoga). Classes begin with 4-5 yin postures to ready the body, bring flexibility, mindfulness & breathing. Thereafter, on into the yang (active asana). In this way, it build strenght, muscle warmth & free movement. Relieve stress by connecting mind & body.

Saturday's 6pm - The Courtyard, Tagbilaran City

Vinyasa Yoga or Yin Yoga

   -    (Vinyasa) is a flowing, dynamic form of yoga, where postures are linked together with breathing. Often referred to as Flow Yoga or Power Yoga and is derived from Ashtanga Yoga.

   -    (Yin) grounded stretches are held for lenghts of three minutes or longer to create a deep release of the solidification of the body’s connective tissues as well as to balance and open blockages of chi in the energetic meridians.